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December 11, 2015

Call to consultants - Analysis of de-risking tools and best practices in...

The European Impact Investing Luxembourg invites consultants to analyze de-risking tools and best practices in climate finance.

An estimated amount of USD 8.6 trillion is required to be invested in clean energy over the next 25 years in order to maintain temperature rise below the 2 degree mark, based on pre industrialisation levels. Scarce public funds must be used strategically to attract private sector investment towards economically viable projects that support the production of renewable energy, improvement of energy efficiency, and facilitation of reforestation and land restoration as well as other important channels that ultimately run towards manageable carbon levels.

A common denominator of most climate finance projects as described above is their innovative nature and therefore a relatively high financial risk, weather real or perceived. Risk mitigation by policymakers and public investors can play an important and effective role in attracting private investors by creating a balance between perceived risk and expected returns. Risk mitigation tools used by the public sector for that purpose include guarantees, risk-sharing facilities, insurance products and first loss or layered capital structures.

Luxembourg has already a good track record in structuring and servicing first loss public private partnership funds, which have proven to be an effective tool to leverage public money into financially sustainable social and environment impact investments. But more can be done.

European Impact Investing Luxembourg seeks to play the role of an information exchange platform between stakeholders of the impact investing space. EIIL’s approach is impartial with respect to various stakeholders. This project is sponsored by EIIL with a purpose to analyse how public resources are best put into use in order to de-risk and facilitate private investments in climate finance.

Knowing that a lot of studies and reporting has already been published on the subject the project will focus on analysing and summarising existing tools, reporting and best practices via desktop research and seek to provide more substance by interviewing market practitioners and collect handful of case studies.

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