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About European Impact Investing

1. What does the European Impact Investing Luxembourg do?

The European Impact Investing Luxembourg is an informal network of professionals that seeks to develop and promote impact investing in Luxembourg.

2. I am not based in Luxembourg; may I still propose my participation in the European Impact Investing Luxembourg working groups?

Yes, the working groups are not limited to Luxembourg-based companies, as long as the collaboration is fructuous.

3. Can I propose to the European Impact Investing Luxembourg the creation of a new working group?

Yes, we welcome all the relevant inputs concerning impact investing.

4. How can I or my organization partner with the European Impact Investing Luxembourg?

Partnerships may take several forms depending on what your company is looking for and what are the needs of the European Impact Investing Luxembourg : sharing of contents, taking part in a working group, events participation, contributions, etc. You are invited to send us an with a specific partnership proposal or ideas.

5. We provide a service or product that can support your work. Are there any opportunities to pitch this to you?

Yes. Please visit our Contact page to connect with us.

6. Can you provide funding for my project/business/idea?

We do not provide direct funding to projects. Our mission is to develop the sector so that projects can find funding easily.

7. How can I arrange for an European Impact Investing Luxembourg representative to speak at an event that we are hosting?

Please visit our Contact page to connect with us.

8. I am a member of the media and would like to write a piece about the work that you’re doing or make an interview of an European Impact Investing Luxembourg representative.

Please visit our Contact page to connect with us.



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About Impact Investing

9. What is impact investing?

Impact investments are investments designed to create a positive social and/or environmental impact and a financial return.

10. What is the difference between Impact Investing and Socially Responsible investing?

Impact investing goes beyond the vocation of socially responsible investments (SRI). Impact investing proactively and concretely seeks to create and measure positive impacts more than only trying to avoid negative impacts.

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