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Foundations have traditionally played a paramount role in philanthropic activity.   They have been serving corporates, endowments and family offices alike as a means to organize their activities focused on societal benefits.

The sector represents a large amount of worldwide assets available for social purposes which could position foundations as key actors in the field of impact investing.

Traditionally foundations have a structure axed on two levels. On one side they invest their endowments and resources so that they fructify their capital and on the other side they give a percentage of their capital as grants and donations.

There was a progressive change of mind within the foundations, progressively integrating new approaches to improve their charity work. In integrating their for-profit investment activities with their grant making activities in a mission-related investment approach, foundations have evolved substantially if compared to their original modus operandi.

The relevance of the Working Group for Luxembourg

With an increased societal awareness of a larger investment community, foundations have moved to the center of the interface between philanthropic giving and for-purpose investment activities including microfinance and impact investing. This new design of the landscape of financial markets and their instruments requires foundations to revisit their mission and means of intervention and calls on policy makers and governments to reassess the regulatory environment governing the activities of foundations.

Concrete objectives of the Working Group

  • Analyse the appropriateness of the regulatory environment for foundations in Luxembourg.
  • Propose amendments where appropriate to maximise the usability of foundations in the context of impact investing and social finance.
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Société d'Impact Sociétal (SIS)

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Luxembourg Impact Investing Platform (LIIP)

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Impact Measurement

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Social Impact Bonds

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Climate finance

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